Cow Calf Fall Program 2018 & Price List

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Bear Paw Veterinary Service

Cow/Calf Fall Program Suggestions




Preconditioning program 3 to 6 weeks prior to sale or weaning: Calves should be at least 4 months of age.

The products selected should meet the request of the buyer…

*Bovi-Shield Gold OneShot

*Vision 7 (blackleg) vaccine or Vision 7 Somnus

Multimin Injection

 Vaccination at weaning not preconditioned:

Nasalgen nasal vaccine (+) above vaccines or buyers preference.


Retained Calves also will benefit from deworming with LongRange Injectable.

*These vaccines will qualify most cattle as preconditioned.

If summer/fall nutrition is good, re-implanting should be considered.


Replacement Heifer Preparation:

  Ideally 30 + days after weaning:

Bangs vaccine

PregGuard Gold FP10 vaccine

Vision 7 vaccine (if not done at Birth or Branding & Preconditioning)

 Injectable dewormer (if not done at preconditioning)

Clean up II (for lice control in late Fall or Winter)



Killed vaccine program, at preg check or fall processing:

ViraShield 4+VL5 vaccine.

                Young cows (2 yr olds):

                                Injectable dewormer & Clean up II Pour-on.

                Herd cows:

Dectomax pour-on can be used before frost; will last in system 45 days.

Generic Ivermectin pour-on best used after frost



  MLV program, at fall processing:

PregGuard Gold FP10 vaccine

Dectomax Pour-on

Trich test any bulls of exposure risk during the past breeding season.


Health products should be selected based on specific goals of individual herds.







Bear Paw Veterinary Service

2018 Cattle Products Price List



Calves:                                                 Per dose/10 dose            Per dose/50 dose

BoviShieldGold-One Shot                             4.40                                        4.40

Vision 7                                                                .86                                          .67                                         


Vision 7 Somnus                                               1.37                                        1.14


Nasalgen                                                             .72                                          .57


Bovishield Gold 5                                              1.52                                        1.33                       

One Shot                                                             3.25                                        3.11


Multimin 90 100ml*                                        .58 per ml

Multimin 90 500ml*                                        .54 per ml

*Multimin 90 dosing: Up to 1yr = 1ml/100#, 1-2yr = 1ml/150#, 2yr and older 1ml/200#                                                


Component EC w/Tylan (20ds per cartridge belt: 1.54 per dose


Cows/Heifers/Bulls                        Per dose/10 dose            Per dose/50 dose

PregGuard Gold 10                                          1.94                                        1.86

ViraShield 4 VL5                                                                2.61                                        2.45

RB51 (Brucellosis) 5 dose                              1.34 per dose

RB51 (Brucellosis) 25 dose                           1.09 per dose


Parasite Management Products


Product                                Container Treats                              Price/100#cwt                  

Clean Up II ½ gal               3ml/100# = 63,100lb**                  .1132                     1.43 for an 1100# cow **Up to max dose 30ml

Generic Ivermectin 5L    5ml/110# = 110,000lb                    .07                          .77 for an 1100# cow

Dectomax 5L                      5ml/110# = 110,000lb                    .36                          3.96 for an 1100# cow  

Cydectin 5L                         5ml/110# = 110,000lb                    .37                          4.07 for an 1100# cow



Product                                Container treats                               Price/100#cwt  

Dectomax 500ml               1ml/110# = 55,000lb                       .35                          3.85 for an 1100# cow

Cydectin 500ml                  1ml/110# = 55,000lb                       .35                          3.85 for an 1100# cow

LongRange 250ml             1ml/110# = 27,500lb                       1.50                       

LongRange 500ml             1ml/110# = 55,000lb                       1.50                       




Please call and place vaccine orders at least 3 business days in advance to ensure availability. Prices and availability subject to change based on pharmaceutical supplier changes.